Classic styled bicycles, retro bikes, vintage cycles or cool modern rides?

Classic, retro vintage styled chrome bicycle, a cool looking bike for the urban commuter

The Cosgrove Ball Classic old school modern bike is hard to categorize, classic styled bicycles have many different names. Our bike is sort of a classic bicycle with a modern twist, these types of bikes are called everything from a vintage bicycle, retro style bicycles, classic cycles all the way through to sit-up-and-beg bicycles. We have to say there is not much siting up and begging with the Board Racer, you have a more sleek and built for speed look when you adorn those dropped handlebars! A lot of Dutch styled bikes use the traditional lugged frame as the Board Racer uses, Opafiets is Dutch for Granpa bike and the Dutch have a great tradition for lovely retro bikes. There are some fantastic looking fixie single speed bikes out there at the moment with lovely striped down looks, although the Board Racer is not as striped down as these fix gear bikes we love the design principle of these bikes. In most countries the common terms are upright bikes, commuter bike, utility bike or urban bikes. With mixture of a relaxed shaped lugged steel frame and geometry together with the 45 degree dropped board racer styled handlebars, this gives our bike that distinctive look. We wanted to build a fantastic looking retro modern bike, the best classic looking bike we could, with that something just a bit different about it. We hope we have done just that, whether it’s classed as classic, retro, cruiser, vintage or modern we hope the Board race has the distinctive and individual look that makes it stand out from the crowd! 



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