The Cosgrove Ball Board Racer Special

The Cosgrove Ball Board Racer Special is a art project by artist Edward Ball designed to be usable art. A bespoke hand crafted bicycle with a traditional retro bike look, cohesively merged with a modern charm and elegance of individual design. This project will become limited art edition that will be encased within a perspex diplay box that attaches to your wall, making it a piece of artwork to admire with the abilaty to take it down and take it for a spin!

The bike is built to look equally at home dashing through the edgy urban landscape, cruising along the beach or just popping out around the city for that cafe bar break in the sun. Then when you have finished your misson, just place it back in its dsplay case for all to admire!

This modern classic bicycle takes it’s design elements from the fashionable bikes of the exhilarating board track racing scene of the 1920s. I have embodied this design into something that is unique and individual with a sense of theatre and occasion every time you step on the pedal or admire it on your wall.

The Board Racer Special is built on a chromed bicycle frame, hand crafted with steel lugs by one of the UK’s leading bike frame builders to the Cosgrove Ball design and geometry specification.

A project and bike created by pure art and design, the Board Racer Special is designed to be seen on, either racing along the road in your jeans and a tee or majestically cruising around town on your tweed run donned in your favorite jacket and brown leather shoes. Choose your wardrobe, decide your destination and enjoy your ride!